“Krav Maga tactics should be the foundation for all law enforcement agencies. The ease with which they can be learned, retained and implemented, combined with their effectiveness is unparalleled.”

Special Agent J.K., United States Secret Service

“My opinion is that Krav Maga Self Defense System as taught by you (Darren Levine), is, was, and has been by far the best.”

Deputy M-LA County Sheriff’s Department, Force Training Unit

“On behalf of Hillel at Western Michigan University, I wanted to thank you for teaching the introduction to class. The student participants truly learned the basics of Krav Maga and enjoyed themselves. We hope that we are able to collaborate again in the future. Thank you again.”

Caryn K.

“I joined in March 2012. I am 50 years old. Because of the Krav Maga training system, I am in better shape now than I have ever been in my life. I feel more confident than ever that I could protect my family, myself, and others against multiple attackers. Oh yes one more thing, I can eat whatever I want because I know I will be burning off the carbs in class.”

Jon K. Krav Maga Instructor

“What is Krav Maga? I had watched some videos of Krav techniques on Youtube and told my wife. She surprised me and found a groupon and i tried it out. From watching the videos I only wanted to learn the techniques. After several classes it was addressed that the techniques are only one aspect. You need to have stamina and that is what the fitness portion of their program helps achieve. When a violent incident occurs you will need to have more than techniques to “Go Home Safe”. These three words have been ingrained in my mind from my training time at Krav Maga Great Lakes.

I continued to see the bad events unfold on the news in the world and in our surrounding areas so after the Groupon ended i became a member of Krav Maga Great Lakes to continue learning Krav Maga to protect myself and my family. While training here the mindset of “Go Home Safe” is present in each Krav class. Krav Maga Great Lakes is a place that changes your mental attitude to focus on your situational awareness in our day to day activities and changes your mental toughness to not give up when confronted with stressful situations. The training provided by the exceptional staff is amazing. It has changed me for life and I am grateful to them all. If you are concerned for the safety of yourself or family and want the fundamentals and ability to “Go Home Safe”, without a doubt you need to sign up with Krav Maga Great Lakes- Today!!”

Ryan G

“I just did the krav maga 6 week challenge and I am very pleased with this organization and am continuing on to good health and fitness with them. anyone looking to change their lives of health and fitness and learn an exciting new way of self defense with a great group of people and trainers this is the place! I highly recommend krav maga great lakes!”

Bill G.

“I joined KMGL 6-week challenge to get into better shape. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it alone. Before I struggled with the motivation to get to the gym, but during those 6 weeks, I actually looked forward to attending classes. I was so nervous and worried my first day but that quickly changed within minutes of my first class starting. I have never felt more welcomed or relaxed in a place that I had no clue with what was about to happen. I liked the workouts, but more importantly I liked the people and coaches. They were all supportive, motivative, and helpful and I was so glad to be part of that family. People of all levels felt like they could participate and the coaches really work with you and give individual attention. The nutrition plan is easy to use and understand. I have gained so much knowledge about why I should eat the things I needed to and not just to eat them because I was told to. It has been the best decision I have made in quite some time and I can’t give enough praise to this gym and coaches. Even if I was not successful with my goals in the challenge I still would not feel any different. That is why I’m glad I became a member and am staying after I honestly had no plan to stick around after my challenge was over. Thank you Mike, Dori, Ellie, Jamie, and everyone else I’ve worked with there. You have all been amazing and I cant wait to keep moving forward and progressing with you.”

Matt R.

“Their 6 week challenge program is amazing! It is a great balance between a tough but fun physical workout regimen and a transition to a healthier lifestyle through a custom nutrition plan and support / accountability group. Plus, you learn self defense techniques. I’ve lost weight, feel more energized, and am learning how to protect myself better. That is a win, win, & win in my book!”

Nicole M.

“Let me first say this. The people at Greats Lakes Krav Maga, truly care about you and want to help you accomplish your goal. But don’t confuse their want to help with being a pushover. They are firm task masters that will make you get you rump in gear. When I started, I was pretty hopeless. Could barely remember how to do a pushup, and haven’t worked out in two years. At first I had to ask “how do I modify” because I couldn’t do a lot of the exercises. I never felt they looked down on me for asking to modify. They just show me how to modify the exercise so I could build strength. It is a really great place to learn self defense while getting fit at the same time! They have a deep bench of knowledge instructors all with their own style, so you really learn from multiple points of views.”

Brooks TDog

“This place is amazing the workouts are tough but you will get results.”

Carol C.