Why Krav Maga Is So Effective

Advantages Of Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the most effective and efficient self defense method in the world.  It promotes finishing a fight as quickly as possible, by swiftly addressing the danger and counter attacking at the most vulnerable parts of the body.  Training is not limited to techniques that avoid severe injury. Training drills are designed to provide maximum safety to students by the use of protective equipment and reasonable force.Our instructors here at Krav Maga Great Lakes will help you become an efficient, all-around fighter in a short amount of time. We will teach you by using a variety of methods and drills to simulate these situations. These drills will also help you attain a higher level of fitness, endurance, and fighting spirit .

Students learn to defend against all types of attacks and are trained to counter in the quickest and most efficient way.

The main goals  in Krav Maga  are:

  • Counter attacking as soon as possible (or attacking pre-emptively).
  • Targeting the body’s most vulnerable points such as: the eyes, neck and throat, face, solar plexus, groin, ribs, knee, foot, fingers, etc.
  • Maximum effectiveness and efficiency in order to neutralize the opponent as quickly as possible.
  • Developing an awareness of the surroundings while dealing with the threat, look for escape routes or other attackers or objects/weapons to defend or help attack.

In additional to developing situational awareness, training helps students understand the psychology of a street confrontation, and identify potential threats before an attack occurs.

The training focuses on real world situations and extremely swift and efficient counter-attacks. Krav Maga in Hebrew means contact combat: krav means combat, and maga means contact. Krav Maga is used by both regular and special Israeli defense forces.