Krav Maga Training For Police and Law Enforcement Officers

Police and Law Enforcement Krav Maga Training

The unique and specialized programs offered by Krav Maga Great Lakes are designed to develop you mentally and physically. Our system of fitness, fighting, and self-defense is based on timeless principles, not outdated techniques. Whether you are seeking help to defend yourself against an antagonist, or simply want to become more fit and disciplined in your lifestyle, Krav Maga Great Lakes provides the high-level training and coaching you need to grow your skills, confidence, and overall health.

Law Enforcement

Today’s law enforcement officers face the possibility of deadly encounters in every engagement. Krav Maga training can greatly reduce the risks of suffering harm during a confrontation. Advanced Krav Maga LEO training is available locally through KMGL. We also host annual Instructor Certification through Krav Maga Worldwide Force Training Division at our Wixom location to certify your officers to teach this life saving Defensive Tactics program to your department. Are you ready to get more advanced LEO Training?

Krav Maga Certification for Law Enforcement

In this Krav Maga LEO Certification course, you will learn to defend yourself against deadly threats with Krav Maga self-defense principles. These techniques are used by over 1,000 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The course is provided through the Krav Maga Worldwide Force Training Division. We host one to two courses here at Krav Maga Great Lakes each year, due to the fact that we have qualified instructors on our staff.

These courses are open to ONLY sworn law enforcement officers. Each certification course is 40 hours, stretched out over five days, and focuses on different skill curriculums or enhancements like:

  • Combatives
  • Self-Defense
  • Handgun Disarms & Retention
  • Long Gun Disarms & Retention
  • Ground Fighting
  • Blunt object/Stick defense
  • Edge Weapon defense
  • 3rd Party protection against armed and unarmed attackers

All these skills are tailored for Law Enforcement applications. We can craft special training curriculum based on your group or department’s needs such as undercover or special unit training. Contact us at Krav Maga Great Lakes for more information.

Enhance Your Self-Defense / Personal Protection Skills

All law enforcement officers, active military, and first responders receive a discount on memberships at Krav Maga Great Lakes. Improve your fitness and skill sets to keep yourself safer on the job by attending regular Fitness Training, Fighting, or Self-Defense classes.

As you become a stronger, quicker, more aware, and more confident fighter, you increase your chances of resolving dangerous situations safely, for you and any antagonist. At the end of the day, every LEO wants to accomplish three things:

  • Do the job well
  • Keep the city safe
  • Return home safely

Krav Maga Great Lakes provides the training you need to help you succeed at all three.

Enhance Your LEO Skills with Krav Maga Great Lakes

Law enforcement officers know the dangers they face every single day. A violent and potentially deadly confrontation could be just around the corner or at the next traffic stop. We welcome all law enforcement officers, active military, and first responders to take full advantage of what Krav Maga Great Lakes has to offer.

We have multiple membership options to meet your needs, from a trial class to lifetime membership, and all military, LEOs, and first responders enjoy membership discounts. Private lessons are also available as well as small group lessons. For more information, contact us online or call either of our Michigan locations to make an appointment.


Fill out your contact information, and one of our friendly staff members will contact you to answer any questions and get you signed up. Or, feel free to call our Wixom location at 248-953-4180 or our Brighton location at 810-775-4180.