Krav Maga Training For Police and Law Enforcement

Testimonials by our Law Enforcement Members

I am currently an active police officer and have been for 13 years.  I began attending this location approximately 3 years ago, and had absolutely no formal fighting or martial arts training prior to enrolling.At first I was skeptical and didn’t think Krav Maga would be effective or practical for me or my line of work, and man was I wrong.  From day one training here I immediately began to improve by leaps, and bounds and realized how much I had been lacking in preparing myself for the streets.

The training from the instructors here is top notch due to them continuously attending updates on new training, and all the instructors are able to teach ALL the students regardless of training, size, sex, or whatever in a very exciting and informative manner.  It is obvious that the instructors are very dedicated and take great pride in their work, and they are always more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understand things.

Its amazing to me how fast I was able to absorb the techniques, and how practical they truly are.  You will see for yourself how quickly and smoothly the techniques you are taught flow right into the next advanced technique just like building blocks.   I can personally remember situations where luckily for me and my partners things went good when dealing with violence, but could’ve went a different way very quickly. I look back and I know that if I would’ve had my Krav Maga training these tense situations would’ve been handled much differently and had a much faster and safer resolution.

I cant say enough about how invaluable my time spent training at this facility means to me.  My confidence in dealing with life threatening situations has increased exponentially, and I try to get everyone I care about to attend here.

Lets be realistic people are getting more and more brazen and violent, and due to budget cut backs or other circumstances.   Your partner may be a ways off and you may only be able to count on yourself and the tools and skills you have at the moment of truth.

If you want to make it home, learn cool (effective) techniques, get in shape, and have a lot of fun learning it then this is the spot. – Jason B.

Law enforcement officers are exposed to more life threatening situations  every day.  Are you confident you have the adequate skills to protect yourself in those situations when pulling your firearm is not a viable option?  Can you effectively disarm or fend off an attacker who has a knife, gun, or blunt weapon until you can safely pull your firearm?

I joined Krav Maga Great Lakes because I answered no to those questions. I joined Krav Maga Great Lakes because they provide opportunities to learn from other law enforcement officers who have used these techniques to save their lives.  Krav Maga is not fancy or pretty… It’s effective.  The instructors are top notch and make the classes challenging for all skill levels.  If you want to get in shape while learning valuable skills, join KMGL – Angela B.